About Us

SARPET IZOLASYON, has started its activities in 1990 with the asphalt sector where we are now moved to the highest level of success to the line of the bar.

SARPET, especially in our country, in order to show that the waterproofing as important as what you have achieved in the asphalt industry in 1995, based on the achievements in the sector took a step towards building insulation.

Time to move forward in the path of becoming a brand waterproofing started developing our range of products. “SARPET” we started to manufacture our products by the brand of “TSE” brought into line with the standards, taking the TSE Certificate.

Now the quality is mentioned, the first that comes to mind “SARPET” referred to in the industry has become a brand insulation building insulation. Has been a success in every stage of the production SARPET. This sense of quality certificates ISO 9001-2008 quality certificate and Made in Turkey name.

Our goal is a strong management team, professional and hard-working staff and administrative staff with high quality materials and advanced technological equipment “SARPET” isolation of the construction sector and the country is to continue to add value and employment.


About Us